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TruSolace Body Contouring

The Ultimate Contour

Our Body Contouring Treatments are immediate, FDA approved,  painless and  effective. 

Decreasing fat in the body dramatically

improves health and decreases risk of disease. On average, our patients lose 1 inch per treatment!

How does it work?

At TruSolace, we use the Ultimate Contour Device to break down fat cells into 

 tiny particles that can then be absorbed by the lymphatic system, filtered, and excreted through urine.

Immediate Results

Patients lose an average of 1 inch per treatment, 40 minutes later!


Ultimate Contour is the ONLY FDA-Approved Low Frequency Ultrasound Device!


No surgery, No Pain,

No Anesthesia

No Downtime

No. Downtime. We know.

It's amazing!

Pink Swimsuit

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